What can I expect from my first session?

Making the client feel at ease and comfortable with the counsellor is a priority. The paperwork will have already been completed by the client when the initial appointment is made. We will briefly review the confidentiality which is taken very seriously by Gatekeeper. In the first session we will be getting to know each other, and exploring the issues that brought you to counselling.

How long does a session last, and how many sessions will I need?

Each session runs for one hour. The amount of sessions required varies from person to person. Sometimes as few as three or four are enough to feel “unstuck”, and sometimes if the issues are long-standing or very complex, more sessions will be needed.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

If you need to cancel your counselling appointment, please give at least 24 hours’ notice to change your appointment time. Gatekeeper Psychotherapy reserves the right to charge a partial fee for late cancellation, and missed appointments.

How much does a session cost?

The cost of a session for an individual client is $100- for an individual, and $120- for a couple. These prices are inclusive of GST.
Counsellor supervision sessions are $120, inclusive of GST. They are also tax deductible.

Do you offer remote sessions?

For those who are unable to attend in person, we are happy to offer phone or zoom calls for the same price.